I hate Drupal…

I’ve been working for the past while to figure out how to create a custom page within Drupal for a conference that we’re hoping to setup.

Here’s what I want (I don’t think this is too unreasonable):
– Text
– A picture
– Selected polls (not the most recent)

I’ve got the text and the picture down pat, but getting the selected polls to show up in the page is getting to be a major PITA. If anyone has any tips on how to… I’m all ears.

Died in a blogging accident.

So… XKCD has made a pretty big GoogleBomb with it’s latest comic. Going from 2 to over 21,000 hits on Google in the space of a day or two is pretty damned impressive.

I figured I’d add one more to the list… 😉

IE + CSS = spaz

I’ve gotta say, working with IE6 and IE7 makes webcoding such a pain in the ass. I took my theme and started editing it in Opera, and got everything looking all nice and pretty. When I load up the site in Firefox, it looks pretty much the same as the Opera rendering. I fire up IE7… and bam! The bottom of the page is messed up. The footer isn’t touching the bottom of the container (there’s a gap between it and the border), and there should be a 10px gap between the border and the bottom of the page.


New blog theme

So… I was bored one night and decided to edit the theme I’m using for this site. The theme is actually a little closer to home for me, since I like most of my computer-related things black or grayscale.

Let me know what you all think! I definitely don’t think that it’s quite done yet, but it’s closer to my liking!

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