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Running distributed computing software with BOINC

This is actually something I’ve been having my computers do for a while now, but I’ve only decided to post about it now. If you’re like me, and you leave your computer(s) on all the time, why not let them do something useful while they’re just sitting there. You can help various research projects by crunching some data for them. All it takes is a little bit of setup on your part and your computer.

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Logitech G15 Rev 2 – A quick review

So… I picked up the revamped Logitech G15 keyboard today because I had heard good things about the original, and the reviews of the second revision were also positive. After having used it for a few hours, I decided to throw my two cents out on to the ‘net. There’s not much point in me taking pictures, since the thing looks exactly like the ones on Logitech’s website.

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Computer stability testing tools

I’ve been overclocking my desktop a while back and found myself using a few tools to do the job. I use these for general testing purposes as well, but I was always annoyed at the fact that I had to hunt for the tools individually. As such, I whipped up a small NSIS installer that contains all of the main stability testing tools I use into one nice package.

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Cluster setup woes…

So I’ve got this computer cluster to manage, and it’s becoming a bit of a PITA to figure out what to run on it. See, it’s a multi-core system, which is peachy and all, but I have no idea if any Linux distros have been optimized to properly scale to multicore systems. Secondly, I don’t know if any schedulers have been put up to the task either.

If anyone has any information on this, I’d love to hear it. My main choices for operating systems right now are Gentoo and Debian, and the scheduler is between Maui Scheduler and Sun Grid Engine.

UXTheme Patcher 5.5 Released

If you look at my guide on customizing your desktop, you’ll see that one of the steps is patching the UXTheme file. An updated version of a program that does this for you was released recently. Of course, the original source needed stupid hoop-jumping, so I figured I’d re-host it here.

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This version adds support for Server 2003 SP2 and Windows XP x64 SP2.

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