Server move complete!

If you’re seeing this (and the hideous default WordPress theme) then it means that the site is being hosted from its new home! Hooray!

EDIT – Yay! The old theme is back again. I’ve also improved the Hamachi status indicators to make the site faster. They’re now being pulled from a database which is updated by the server every 5 minutes. 🙂

OpenDNS – Faster and safer DNS servers

Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you may have heard about the DNS vulnerability that many DNS providers are working hard to fix. For more information about what DNS is, check out the Wikipedia page on it. Long story short, a hacker can attack an unpatched DNS server, forcing it to show you “bad” pages when you try to view something as simple as Chances are, if you’re a typical home internet user, your DNS requests are handled by your internet service provider. Some ISPs haven’t fixed their DNS servers yet, making them still vulnerable to this kind of attack.

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A quick fix for my car

The wonderful government of British Columbia decided back in 1992 that it would require mandatory emmisions testing of all vehicles before allowing them to be insured. Since my insurance was up on Saturday, it was time for me to take the oh-so-enjoyable AirCare test again. (To be honest – there are more beater cars elsewhere in the province that make up for all the “emissions savings” that AirCare has helped with)

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I hate Drupal…

I’ve been working for the past while to figure out how to create a custom page within Drupal for a conference that we’re hoping to setup.

Here’s what I want (I don’t think this is too unreasonable):
– Text
– A picture
– Selected polls (not the most recent)

I’ve got the text and the picture down pat, but getting the selected polls to show up in the page is getting to be a major PITA. If anyone has any tips on how to… I’m all ears.

Kinda gimmicky, but it works

So, I’m usually not one for all kinds of fancy crap, but I needed a new razor the other day, and decided to see what this “power razor” stuff is about. I picked up the Gilette Fusion Power, and was pleasantly surprised. It makes the blades a hot knife, and your chin hairs turn to butter.

Two thumbs up. 🙂

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