Saying goodbye to an old friend

If you’ve been following the computers tracked by Hamachi in the sidebar, you’ll notice that Executor’s been removed from the list, and it’s been replaced by Virago. Executor was my trusty Dell laptop that I’ve had for about two and a half years. I had packed that thing across the world and back, used it for school, and just about everything else.

Lately though, I had been finding myself using the system less and less. I found it too bulky to take to work, not powerful enough to use as a daily system, and the battery life not long enough to use for mobile media while on trips. Luckily, a friend of mine was looking for a laptop for her sister to use for drawing in photoshop. The Dell had a 1680×1050 screen, which would make high resolution drawing ideal. I’ll be shipping the laptop off in a couple of days.

With Executor gone, I still wanted and needed some sort of mobile computer. The main reason why I hadn’t been taking Executor with me was the size and weight. Thankfully, several companies had been creating sub-notebooks, also known as netbooks, aimed at people looking for ultra portable computers. I bought myself an ASUS EEE 1000HA just a couple of days ago. I’ve gotta say, so far I’m thoroughly impressed. While the screen is quite a bit smaller than what I’m used to on my desktop, it’s still adequate for most daily tasks. I’ll be upgrading the RAM to 2GB soon enough, but even with the default 1GB, it’s still snappy enough not to be a burden. The 160GB drive is plenty large for most, and if someone wants more, they can simply buy a 2.5″ SATA drive and install it in place of the stock drive.

In the spirit of naming my systems after Star Wars ships, I’ve dubbed the system Virago – the personal StarViper class starship of Prince Xizor.

So, we say goodbye to Executor, a well used system, and welcome Virago into the family. 🙂


  1. Make sure you install the latest drivers on your Eee (either from Asus’ website or elsewhere), although, I’m pretty sure you, of all people, would know to do that :). The trackpad drivers for my 701 were bogging down the system so badly (the ones from the supplied CD), that even 2GB of memory didn’t do anything to speed up the system. I eventually found an updated driver package for the trackpad that pretty much fixed all of the issues I was having. 🙂

  2. Awww.. That sucks man… I feel for ya 😛

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