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Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you may have heard about the DNS vulnerability that many DNS providers are working hard to fix. For more information about what DNS is, check out the Wikipedia page on it. Long story short, a hacker can attack an unpatched DNS server, forcing it to show you “bad” pages when you try to view something as simple as Chances are, if you’re a typical home internet user, your DNS requests are handled by your internet service provider. Some ISPs haven’t fixed their DNS servers yet, making them still vulnerable to this kind of attack.

OpenDNS provides a third party DNS solution. I’ve been using their services for years for two main reasons. First off – they’re fast. If you’re connected on a 5+ Mbps broadband connection, chances are you’ll notice a speed increase when viewing certain pages. Secondly, they’re secure. Not only are they already on top of the DNS vulnerability mentioned above (they were one of the first), they also handle misspelled domain names ( gets turned into and also protect you from known phishing sites.

For more information, go to and look through their documentation. They provide all the instructions you need to get on your way to a safer internet. You can easily tell if you’re using OpenDNS as your DNS servers by looking at the link image on the sidebar. If you’re on the OpenDNS network, you’ll see a small blue checkmark. 🙂


  1. Dude, I was asked to add 7 and 6 before being able to post… it was hard.
    My desk has crunched up papers scattered everywhere and some pencils were harmed.

    Anyway, nice read. I will switch from DynDNS to OpenDNS soon. I actually do type in “” a lot. Haha.


  2. Yeah I read about this before. infact I use to use it. It was very simple and it did make it quite more faster but after I got our new internet connection which was 35mbps. I don’t need it anymore. But what I really liked about the OpenDNS was the option to blog websites, which I pissed my brother off for blocking Myspace HAHA.


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