MonthJune 2008

A quick fix for my car

The wonderful government of British Columbia decided back in 1992 that it would require mandatory emmisions testing of all vehicles before allowing them to be insured. Since my insurance was up on Saturday, it was time for me to take the oh-so-enjoyable AirCare test again. (To be honest – there are more beater cars elsewhere in the province that make up for all the “emissions savings” that AirCare has helped with)

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Why eSATA is awesome

I picked up a Vantec3 enclosure for one of my spare WD5000AAKS drives (see My Computers for updates), and made sure that it was one of the versions that included eSATA support. I’ve dealt with USB enclosures for a long time, and the transfer speeds are just painful. I took a couple of benchmarks using HDTach – one with the drive connected via eSATA (on the left), the other using USB (on the right).

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I hate Drupal…

I’ve been working for the past while to figure out how to create a custom page within Drupal for a conference that we’re hoping to setup.

Here’s what I want (I don’t think this is too unreasonable):
– Text
– A picture
– Selected polls (not the most recent)

I’ve got the text and the picture down pat, but getting the selected polls to show up in the page is getting to be a major PITA. If anyone has any tips on how to… I’m all ears.

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