MonthJanuary 2008

Died in a blogging accident.

So… XKCD has made a pretty big GoogleBomb with it’s latest comic. Going from 2 to over 21,000 hits on Google in the space of a day or two is pretty damned impressive.

I figured I’d add one more to the list… 😉

Computer stability testing tools

I’ve been overclocking my desktop a while back and found myself using a few tools to do the job. I use these for general testing purposes as well, but I was always annoyed at the fact that I had to hunt for the tools individually. As such, I whipped up a small NSIS installer that contains all of the main stability testing tools I use into one nice package.

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Lapping my CPU

I run Rosetta@Home on all of my computers, and my file server had only been using the stock cooling for the longest time. My CPU temperatures were constantly hovering around 55, which isn’t too bad, but a bit high for my tastes (especially with an Intel E2160). was selling the Scythe Ninja for $30 a while back, so I decided to pick one up. I installed it onto my CPU, and noticed that it wasn’t doing that much better than my stock heatsink. At first I thought that I might not have installed it properly, but the problem was worse than I initially imagined…

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