MonthDecember 2007

IE + CSS = spaz

I’ve gotta say, working with IE6 and IE7 makes webcoding such a pain in the ass. I took my theme and started editing it in Opera, and got everything looking all nice and pretty. When I load up the site in Firefox, it looks pretty much the same as the Opera rendering. I fire up IE7… and bam! The bottom of the page is messed up. The footer isn’t touching the bottom of the container (there’s a gap between it and the border), and there should be a 10px gap between the border and the bottom of the page.


New blog theme

So… I was bored one night and decided to edit the theme I’m using for this site. The theme is actually a little closer to home for me, since I like most of my computer-related things black or grayscale.

Let me know what you all think! I definitely don’t think that it’s quite done yet, but it’s closer to my liking!

Server Move!

So… I was a little fed up with how much downtime and slowness there was on my old hosting, so I decided to move. If you see this post, then it means that the site is now hosted by HostingPlex. It’s cheaper, faster, and a little easier for me to use. Their support is also much better than anything I got with DreamHost, so you should soon be seeing my referral links from DreamHost go down in a bit.

Anyways – just thought I’d let you all know. 🙂

How to run Hamachi Basic as a Service in Windows XP

EDIT – Hamachi has updated their licensing, allowing you to run Hamachi as a service for free. Check here for more information.

So… I still love Hamachi, it’s the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion, but there are times when we want or need it to run as a service, or without the user knowing it. LogMeIn has made this “run as a Service” a feature of their premium version for Windows XP, which will set you back $39.00 per year. Here’s a way of getting around this litle connundrum.

A word of warning, this procedure alters the registry. Improper changes can result in a screwed up system, so don’t touch anything I don’t tell you to touch, mmkay? 😛

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