No… it’s not a baby. I’m 22, and about to start my masters. I don’t plan on having a child for another couple of years, at least.

Anyways……… the new addition is a new file server. I’ve been eyeing the parts for this system for a good while now, and finally got the main core of the system. Here are the specs so far:

Motherboard – Foxconn G9657MA-8EKRS2H
CPU – Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160
RAM – 2GB (2x 1GB) OCZ Gold DDR2-800
OS Drive – Western Digital WD2500KS 250GB

It’s basic, but it’s a platform for a much larger beast…. the 3ware 9650SE-8LPML. I’ve already got four 500GB drives, and ultimately, they’ll be put in that system in RAID5, giving me a healthy 1.5TB of storage space. Yes… I know. I’m crazy.

Then again – the 3ware card has a lot of advantages over other RAID solutions. One of the key ones for me is array expansion. One day, if the 1.5TB fills up (and it probably will), I can simply add another drive and expand the array to 2TB without losing any data.

All of my computers have names from Star Wars, so I’m giving the new system the name of Coruscant. I find it fitting, considering that it was the center for pretty much everything in the galaxy. 😉