So, some people already know this, but I got myself a new car! I’ve been looking at the ads on CraigsList for a little while now, just to find out what the market is like. I was hoping to get something relatively cheap, but something that still had some kick under the right pedal.

I managed to find a nice guy who was selling his 1991 Honda Prelude. Everything seemed in good shape, but I had it checked out by BCAA. It needed some new front brakes, and an axle sleeve, but otherwise, everything checked out. I got the work done yesterday, as well as a transmission fluid change. The car drives like a beauty. 😀

I also installed an iPod adaptor for my JVC stereo. It lets me not only play music through my stereo, but also control the iPod from the stereo controls. I routed the iPod cable into the glove compartment, so you can’t see anything.

For more pictures, check out my photo gallery.