MonthJune 2007

New Car!

So, some people already know this, but I got myself a new car! I’ve been looking at the ads on CraigsList for a little while now, just to find out what the market is like. I was hoping to get something relatively cheap, but something that still had some kick under the right pedal.

I managed to find a nice guy who was selling his 1991 Honda Prelude. Everything seemed in good shape, but I had it checked out by BCAA. It needed some new front brakes, and an axle sleeve, but otherwise, everything checked out. I got the work done yesterday, as well as a transmission fluid change. The car drives like a beauty. 😀

I also installed an iPod adaptor for my JVC stereo. It lets me not only play music through my stereo, but also control the iPod from the stereo controls. I routed the iPod cable into the glove compartment, so you can’t see anything.

For more pictures, check out my photo gallery.

More space…

So… I’ve been running my file server at about 95% capacity for the past 6 months. Not really the best situation for the health of my hard drives. Full hard drives lead to higher degrees of fragmentation, disk thrashing, and other bad stuff.

Thankfully, hard drive manufacturers have come out with 1TB drives – which drives down the prices of 500GB drives… hehe. I picked up a couple of WD5000AAKS drives today, and put them in RAID1 in my file server (deathstar) here at home. Yippee! Check out the picture for HDTach results.

Now… the only problem comes with copying over all my other files onto the new drives. The standard copy functionality in Windows is slightly lacking, so I wanted something more that could tell me about how the system was doing while the copying of 200GB of data. I stumbled upon TeraCopy, a freeware utility that has a few more options over Windows. It’s just nice to be able to see a bit more info on what’s going on.


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