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XPero over at MSFN has been running a project called XPize, with the intent of replacing the default dialog bitmaps in Windows XP with ones that look a little more XP-ish. In otherwords… to XP-ize Windows XP.

MSFN isn’t able to support the bandwidth needed for hosting the files, so I said that I’d help out with it.

You can download the files at the following address – http://zxian.org/xpize


  1. doesnt work 🙁

  2. The link just brings you back here. In fact NONE of the xpize download links work but one. Not a single mirror for any of the files works! Not very impressive for a community project. It seems the community is missing!?

  3. nick

    2008-10-24 at 01:35

    Sadly, I was forced to remove the files from the site as there were a number of sites hotlinking to the files, chewing up my bandwidth, and slowing the site to a crawl.


    You can still find other mirrors through MSFN though.

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