MonthMarch 2007

WRT54G Firmware – Tomato

I’m up way later than I should be, but who cares… this is just too cool…

I found a new firmware for my WRT54GL router. It’s created by the same guy who worked on the Tofu firmware, but then stopped because he simply didn’t have the time. I’ve been running Thibor 15c on my router for quite a while now, but I figured I’d give this a try.

First impressions – wow. This is a very, very slick firmware. Just to give you a quick idea of one of the great features, have a look at this screenshot. Yes… that’s right. Real-time bandwidth monitoring! It’ll also break down those reports into daily, weekly and monthly amounts. Very handy if you’ve got a bandwidth limit on your internet service.

It’s also got QoS that actually works. If you don’t really know what this is, it gives each type of connection a priority. For example, all my webbrowsing takes priority over any bit-torrent downloading that I might do. Even if I’m downloading at a good 500KB/s (the limit of my connection), I’ll still be able to surf the web as though nothing else is going on. 🙂

Long story short, if you’ve got a WRT54G/GS/GL, you should definitely check this out. Although, if you’ve got a v5 or higher G/GS, you’re SOL on this one.

Almost done…

So… I’ve only got about three weeks left of my undergrad. I’m really dying here. I just want it all to be over.

Things that await me this summer:

  • Setting up a 20 node computing cluster (each node has 8 cores)
  • Scuba Diving trip to the Red Sea
  • Month long Europe trip with friends
  • Starting on graduate studies work
  • Road trip with my girlfriend

So… you can see that I’ve got a whole lot more things that I’d rather be doing than the end of this degree. Grumble…

UXTheme Patcher 5.5 Released

If you look at my guide on customizing your desktop, you’ll see that one of the steps is patching the UXTheme file. An updated version of a program that does this for you was released recently. Of course, the original source needed stupid hoop-jumping, so I figured I’d re-host it here.

Download link

This version adds support for Server 2003 SP2 and Windows XP x64 SP2.

Feist – Great Artist

So… a friend of mine introduced me to an artist called Feist. She’s apparently been around for a while, but I was out of the loop.

Long story short – I’m hooked. It’s a great mix of tunes, lyrics, and all that other good stuff. If you’re interested you can check out her website –

She’s also got a MySpace page, but as I hate MySpace, I’m not gonna post the link. I’m sure you can find it yourself though. 😉

XPize Mirror

XPero over at MSFN has been running a project called XPize, with the intent of replacing the default dialog bitmaps in Windows XP with ones that look a little more XP-ish. In otherwords… to XP-ize Windows XP.

MSFN isn’t able to support the bandwidth needed for hosting the files, so I said that I’d help out with it.

You can download the files at the following address –

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