Haha… I know. Cheesy title. Whatever.

Anyways, this is a bit of old news, but I figured I’d post it here anyways. I was looking around on CraigsList and a guy was selling his Zalman CNPS3100+ heatsink for Socket 370 and Socket A CPUs for $10. It came with everything except for the fan, but the fan is kinda crappy anyways, so $10 is a damned steal.

I go and pick up the heatsink and go to install it in Lusankya, with the hopes of running the CPU passively. Now… whoever designed the SocketA heatsink attachment system should be slapped – hard. Anyone who’s ever dealt with them would know how fragile they are. Well – the worst happened to me…


(look very carefully at the small tab – it doesn’t have the “hook” that the larger one has)


The little plastic tab that the heatsink is supposed to clip over had chipped, so the metal spring that holds the heatsink in place wouldn’t stay. Crap… puntoMX over at MSFN had the idea of bending the metal spring so that it now squeezes the socket tabs instead of pulls away. Voila!!!



The heatsink stays in place!!! I even went so far as to turn the motherboard upside down and shake it to see if it would fall off – no go! The heatsink works great and keeps the whole system running rediculously cool. I run SETI@Home all day, and the CPU never goes above 35C.

In my opinion, this is the way that all SocketA heatsinks should be anyways. I don’t understand why you would want to pull on that tiny little piece of plastic anyways. Hopefully this’ll help someone else in a pinch later!