MonthJanuary 2007

Bono should be dead

With regards to the song “With or Without You”:

Let the phrase “with you” be p, then ~p would be “without you”.
Let q be “I can’t live”


p U ~p → q
T → q

So… we can see that Bono shouldn’t be alive.

Cool runnings…

Haha… I know. Cheesy title. Whatever.

Anyways, this is a bit of old news, but I figured I’d post it here anyways. I was looking around on CraigsList and a guy was selling his Zalman CNPS3100+ heatsink for Socket 370 and Socket A CPUs for $10. It came with everything except for the fan, but the fan is kinda crappy anyways, so $10 is a damned steal.

I go and pick up the heatsink and go to install it in Lusankya, with the hopes of running the CPU passively. Now… whoever designed the SocketA heatsink attachment system should be slapped – hard. Anyone who’s ever dealt with them would know how fragile they are. Well – the worst happened to me…
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