Ok… so I’ve made it though the first bit of the hell…

I got a midterm back in my Computer Graphics course that I wrote last week – 22/27. Not too bad considering I lost most of my marks on stupid math errors rather than the harder questions later on in the test.

As for the midterm I had today… let’s just say that I’ll be happy with a pass… It totally destroyed everyone I talked to afterwards. Stupidly convoluted and long questions – the kind of stuff that you’d probably need more than 90 minutes to slog through properly.

On a good note – both my assignments are due Friday, meaning I can take a bit more time to do them properly. I started on math today, but I’ll have to take a longer look at it to figure out what’s going on.

Anyways – I gotta get to bed. Tomorrow I get to work with Mike Chin on a power supply… w00t!!!