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Ok, so the next couple of days are going to be hell. I’ve got a lab to finish up my 1PM today (in between classes), a lab to do at 1PM, a midterm tomorrow evening which I know absolutely nothing about, and then two assignments due on Wednesday. I’ve asked my Optics prof if I can have one of the assignments due on Wednesday extended to Friday… I’m hoping he’ll say yes.

After all that though! On Wednesday afternoon, I’m meeting with Mike Chin from www.silentpcreview.com regarding a hardware reviewer position he has available. For everyone who deals with computers a lot, this is the kind of job where manufacturers send you stuff, you test it, and then tell the rest of the world how good (or bad) it really is. If you haven’t seen the SPCR site yet, I suggest you do so now. The site has LOTS of great information on quiet computing – something that I think is getting more and more important as computers get more integrated into our daily lives. I spend a good deal of money and time making my desktop system as quiet as possible. The result? You can sit right next to it and barely hear the thing. The loudest parts of it are the hard drives, and that’s mostly because I haven’t got a chance to build my own drive enclosures for them (commercial ones are $25 or more a piece… and with 4 drives – eep). In any case, it’s definately not the loud whirring tower that you might have sitting next to you or under your desk.

Then I get to go out to PoCo (Port Coquitlam) to watch Lost with Katherine… I wonder what they’re gonna do to Saywer this week… 😐

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  1. I checked out the SPCR site, and it’s very cool! My nosiest part is also the hard drive – that high-pitched whine is hard to remove. Good luck on your meeting, that job looks like a lot of fun 🙂

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