MonthOctober 2006

So it’s all over!!!

So – that week is over! w00t!!!

The weekend was pretty good too. Katherine came out on friday night and we went out for all-you-can-eat Sushi. I had lots of sashimi… god I love the stuff. And when you’re paying for all-you-can-eat, you might as well take advantage of it. 😉

Yesterday, we went and saw a play that Kath’s roommate was starring in. It’s called “Desperate Fishwives”, and was about a group of 6 women who were trying to find a way of preserving the heritage in their town – Pityme, BC. (yes – Pityme) They end up doing a “nude” photo shoot for a calendar that then goes on to be Oprah Winfrey’s calendar of the year… so they get $500K. I wish I could make $500K from Oprah that easily. 😛

Anyways – at the end of the show, as a final “present” to the town the women do their own rendition of “The Full Monty”. Sadly, there was no real nudity, but there were some nice black underwear… hehe. *avoids whack from gf*

This morning, I played ultimate frisbee with my classmates. Our team is called “Fizzbees”, since I’m in Fizz – short for Engineering Physics. It was really really really windy out (AND COLD!!!), but we still managed to make two points upwind. Go team! You can check out pictures of our team last weekend here.

So… on another note. I got a pleasant surprise today on MSFN. I’m now an SMod! I totally wasn’t expecting that one, but it’s a nice thing to come to. Hopefully I’ll do a good job of it. 🙂

Part way through…

Ok… so I’ve made it though the first bit of the hell…

I got a midterm back in my Computer Graphics course that I wrote last week – 22/27. Not too bad considering I lost most of my marks on stupid math errors rather than the harder questions later on in the test.

As for the midterm I had today… let’s just say that I’ll be happy with a pass… It totally destroyed everyone I talked to afterwards. Stupidly convoluted and long questions – the kind of stuff that you’d probably need more than 90 minutes to slog through properly.

On a good note – both my assignments are due Friday, meaning I can take a bit more time to do them properly. I started on math today, but I’ll have to take a longer look at it to figure out what’s going on.

Anyways – I gotta get to bed. Tomorrow I get to work with Mike Chin on a power supply… w00t!!!

2 days…

Ok, so the next couple of days are going to be hell. I’ve got a lab to finish up my 1PM today (in between classes), a lab to do at 1PM, a midterm tomorrow evening which I know absolutely nothing about, and then two assignments due on Wednesday. I’ve asked my Optics prof if I can have one of the assignments due on Wednesday extended to Friday… I’m hoping he’ll say yes.

After all that though! On Wednesday afternoon, I’m meeting with Mike Chin from regarding a hardware reviewer position he has available. For everyone who deals with computers a lot, this is the kind of job where manufacturers send you stuff, you test it, and then tell the rest of the world how good (or bad) it really is. If you haven’t seen the SPCR site yet, I suggest you do so now. The site has LOTS of great information on quiet computing – something that I think is getting more and more important as computers get more integrated into our daily lives. I spend a good deal of money and time making my desktop system as quiet as possible. The result? You can sit right next to it and barely hear the thing. The loudest parts of it are the hard drives, and that’s mostly because I haven’t got a chance to build my own drive enclosures for them (commercial ones are $25 or more a piece… and with 4 drives – eep). In any case, it’s definately not the loud whirring tower that you might have sitting next to you or under your desk.

Then I get to go out to PoCo (Port Coquitlam) to watch Lost with Katherine… I wonder what they’re gonna do to Saywer this week… 😐

Geeky Site mod

So – I made a little bit of a mod to my site a couple of days ago. You may or may not have noticed it, but at the top of the sidebar, there’s now a section that says “Zxian’s Computers”. It checks my hamachi online status for my laptop and server, and then displays the appropriate status there.

Now you can see if I’m actually on the web or not. 😉

Good Things

A little update on things since my post last week. I’ve got back together with my girlfriend, Katherine. We’ve got a lot of things to work on, but we know where we’re going now. To sum it up, I was getting frustrated with trying to work things out, but trying to do so without a plan. Such things just don’t work out.

Before I go further – I’m gonna show you all what she looks like. Here’s us together last year.

Jean-Sebastien is a really good friend of mine. Even though I’ve never met the guy, he’s been there for me when it comes to anything life throws my way. When it came to Katherine, he put it simply: Do you love her or do you love what it’s like to be with someone? For the days that we were apart, I felt completely empty. Not just alone, but empty. It was really, really horrible.

When Katherine and I started talking again, she wrote down some of her thoughts and some of her reading that she had done to try to make things easier for us. One of the readings that she had sent me included the following:

[There are] four rules for recovery: you’ve got to meet each other’s needs; you’ve got to protect each other from our own self-centeredness; you’ve got to give each other time for undivided attention; and you’ve got to be radically honest with each other.

I’ll admit – I’m guilty of not having followed those four rules while we were together before, but I’m trying my best to make them happen now. She’s going to be moving back home, which is about an hour away, and when she was there during the summer, I didn’t make much effort to go and see her. I’ve already told her that I’ll visit her this Wednesday, which made her very happy.

That’s all that I ever want to do for you Kath. I just want you to be happy – whatever that means.

I love you.

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