Ok… so I’ve just wasted about 2 hours trying to figure out a problem with my computer… that isn’t even my problem!!! I’ll get more into that later…

Anyways… I had been introduced to Hamachi a while back, but I didn’t really see the point in it. So it creates a virtual LAN… I don’t game much, and I can always access my files from home over FTP. Recently, I found it again, and it’s improved.

Ever tried to set up port forwarding for multiple computers? You don’t need to anymore. Let’s say that we’ve got three computers in our network – DesktopA, DesktopB, and Laptop. Both Desktops are at home, while the Laptop is in… Nepal (or whatever). If all three computers have Hamachi installed, you can just connect using Remote Desktop to “DesktopA” – that’s it! No forwarding port 3389 to or any crap like that.

I’ve got it installed on my computers at home and my laptop, so wherever I am, I can browse my Windows Shares, and easily connect to Remote Desktop.

So anyways – the problem I was having? It’s basically that my university won’t allow me to connect through Hamachi to home while I’m connected to their VPN servers. So I’m sitting here for about two hours trying to figure this out, when I try that one thing that’s different and everything works just fine. *argh*

That’s not to mention the fact that the wireless servers here at my university are completely fucked. Either the VPN servers will disconnect you at random, or the WPA servers will decide that they need to re-check your identity at random… I’m off to write an angry e-mail right now…

Check it out for yourself… hamachi.cc


  1. Dismal_Nihility

    2006-10-19 at 07:49

    Hey Zxian. I read your work over at MSFN quite a bit, and thought id give your page a glance.

    I just thought i’d post and say that a few of my own friends (ive never used Hamachi myself) have mentioned the same problems. I wonder is it all universities?

  2. nick

    2006-10-19 at 13:34

    I’m not really sure where the problem lies. I’ve stopped using Outpost, and it works fine for me now.

    On the other hand, when I was having my troubles, Hamachi connections would work fine if Outpost was set to “Allow Most” or “Rules Wizard” modes, but not “Block Most” mode. Maybe your friends’ firewalls are doing something similar.

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