FTP Clients

Why can’t people just make a good FTP client? I’ve tried just about every FTP client I can find out there… and none of them fit my needs.

What I need:

  • SSH2 connectivity
  • Stable
  • MDI (not required, but definately a plus)
  • Permalinks in local view
  • Single EXE

I’ve tried lots of FTP clients lately to find what I like… and none of them fit the bill!

  • Filezilla – Local view sucks.
  • WS_FTP – Hangs when waiting for “file exists” action on SSH connections
  • CuteFTP – Uses a separate transfer manager…. why?
  • SmartFTP – No SSH support

Anyways… this sucks. Right now I’m using Filezilla, since I can at least work around the crappy local view, but the fact that it doesn’t list any “favorite locations” is a bit of a piss-off. I actually have to type in C:Documents and SettingsZxianMy Documents to get to My Documents… come on!

If someone can find me a better FTP client than one of the ones listed, please let me know… =)


  1. FlashFXP gets my vote! 🙂

  2. I use LeechFTP. Not sure if it is still supported, but it is free and works for me. German made.

  3. You can configure FileZilla in order to suit your needs more closely!
    For exemple, you can choose the default local folder, or have it to remember the last used folder!
    You also can assign a local folder to each saved FTP account, FileZilla will automatically switch to this folder when connected to the FTP server!

    Indeed, I also think that FileZilla local view isn’t very good, but you can improve a little its behaviour! Hope it could help you!

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