A new beginning

So… a new webpage.

I’ve always wanted my own webspace and e-mail address, at something other than Hotmail, or Gmail, or my university. Something that was mine… just for me. Luckily I stumbled upon DreamHost.com at the suggestion of RyanVM. He had a coupon for $50 off a year of webhosting, and the deal itself is wicked.

For those of you interested in the geeky details – 20GB disk space, 1TB monthly bandwidth, and unlimited e-mail accounts. How much you ask? $9.95 a month before the discount. After the discount, it works out to less than $6 per month! With the help of a couple of Google Ads here and there, it shouldn’t be too hard to make this site pay for itself. =)

The possibilities here are really endless. I’ve got a simple blog system setup, and it’s so easy to do so much more… I can’t wait to play with this some more, but I’ve got to head off to bed. You’ll be hearing more from me soon enough.



  1. Good to see you decided to stick with WordPress (-:

    As for the hosting company … DreamHost is the best there is.

  2. Narf!

  3. Nice site mate, hope you’ll have some interesting stuff on it..



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