So… a new webpage.

I’ve always wanted my own webspace and e-mail address, at something other than Hotmail, or Gmail, or my university. Something that was mine… just for me. Luckily I stumbled upon at the suggestion of RyanVM. He had a coupon for $50 off a year of webhosting, and the deal itself is wicked.

For those of you interested in the geeky details – 20GB disk space, 1TB monthly bandwidth, and unlimited e-mail accounts. How much you ask? $9.95 a month before the discount. After the discount, it works out to less than $6 per month! With the help of a couple of Google Ads here and there, it shouldn’t be too hard to make this site pay for itself. =)

The possibilities here are really endless. I’ve got a simple blog system setup, and it’s so easy to do so much more… I can’t wait to play with this some more, but I’ve got to head off to bed. You’ll be hearing more from me soon enough.