I made the jump from dumb phones to smart phones about three years ago with the purchase of an iPhone4 from my carrier. Like many others, I was blown away by the convenience of having my digital life at my fingertips.

Fast forward about two and a half years. The iPhone4 was starting to show its age. From all the previews I had seen about iOS7, I wasn’t all that amazed. A new iPhone5 would still cost me upwards of $700, or I’d have to renew my contract with my carrier (Canadian telecoms are running a pretty tight oligopoly) to be eligible for a discount.

Then came the announcements for the Nexus5. The more I saw, the more I got excited. After getting frustrated with some of the limitations in the Appleverse, I switched to Android.

It’s been a great year – more posts to come with some of the awesome stuff you can do on Android.