Hiding Microsoft SyncToyCmd for backups

The more work I do, the more paranoid I become of possibly losing it all. I’ve got a pretty elaborate hardware setup in terms of disk storage, but I was lacking a simple, functional tool to do the backups of the data on a regular basis. I looked at Microsoft SyncToy for the backups, and it seems to do everything I need/want it to, except for one – scheduling. Their help documentation tells you to use their command-line application and the built in scheduler. This seems to do the trick, but there was one snag – it shows the ugly command prompt. This simply wouldn’t do….

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Why eSATA is awesome

I picked up a Vantec3 enclosure for one of my spare WD5000AAKS drives (see My Computers for updates), and made sure that it was one of the versions that included eSATA support. I’ve dealt with USB enclosures for a long time, and the transfer speeds are just painful. I took a couple of benchmarks using HDTach – one with the drive connected via eSATA (on the left), the other using USB (on the right).

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Lapping my CPU

I run Rosetta@Home on all of my computers, and my file server had only been using the stock cooling for the longest time. My CPU temperatures were constantly hovering around 55, which isn’t too bad, but a bit high for my tastes (especially with an Intel E2160). NCIX.com was selling the Scythe Ninja for $30 a while back, so I decided to pick one up. I installed it onto my CPU, and noticed that it wasn’t doing that much better than my stock heatsink. At first I thought that I might not have installed it properly, but the problem was worse than I initially imagined…

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