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So… I’ve got quite a few computers (I need to update the “My Computers” page soon) that are used for various purposes. Eclipse is my main computer at home, and the biggest beast of them all. A few months back, I upgraded the video cards and installed Vista on it. After a couple of days of figuring out my way around the OS, I really liked it, and was somewhat depressed every time I had to go back to an XP system.

I had also built a media center a while back that would double as a downloading machine for my girlfriend and her roommates. Because of the way their house was setup, running ethernet to all the rooms was simply impossible, so everyone was on wireless. Everyone in the house also tends to download a lot of stuff. Let’s just say Bit Torrent and wireless don’t always like each other. It ultimately brought the network speeds to a crawl, so the media center was setup with a single copy of uTorrent installed. There were a number of bugs with the initial setup that were just bothering me, so last Friday night I installed Vista Ultimate x64 on the machine. All I have to say is that Vista MCE is glorious.

My workstation at UBC was the last Vista capable system I own that hadn’t been upgraded. That all changed this morning, and I’m now writing this from a Vista Business x64 system. Let’s just say, I’ll probably never move back to XP.

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  1. Hahaha.. This is great! I can’t really move back to XP, If I had it my way I put it on all the systems I have, but not all of them can handle Vista so they have XP but maybe in the future, they will have Vista! But for now 3 out of 5 systems have XP and the other 2 or Vista 32/64bit Then 2010 I’ll probably install Windows 7 because the resource demands are much much more lower than what vista demands. Yeah I gotta say vista’s ulitmate is really great, totally the MCE, But my dad is buying the PS3 and that will probably be our media center for the most part or something. How ever.. I might build a new sytem for out entertainment system. So it will basicly be used for a game and music and videos.. So it will have pretty top of the line video card since our tv is 60inch HD so don’t want a 64mb video card.. ahaha (if you know what I mean.

    But dude great! I always said that I am never going to switch to Vista but DAMN! is it more stable than XP our what? I never had a problem with vista. Its been working really smooth. No bugs or glitches.

    All right, I will shut up now.. but yeah this is pretty neat man!

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