Server Move!

So… I was a little fed up with how much downtime and slowness there was on my old hosting, so I decided to move. If you see this post, then it means that the site is now hosted by HostingPlex. It’s cheaper, faster, and a little easier for me to use. Their support is also much better than anything I got with DreamHost, so you should soon be seeing my referral links from DreamHost go down in a bit.

Anyways – just thought I’d let you all know. 🙂


  1. scottclayton

    2007-12-27 at 15:59

    Hey there,

    I was looking for the Crib Counter program that you had previously mentioned on the MSFN forums. I often analyze sequences of numbers and try to find their cribbage values. I got a cellphone for Christmas and with BC’s 778 area code for cellphones, it got me to thinking what my number’s value is (I’m certain it’s 132 points). After a bit of calculating I thought “Hey, I wonder if there’s an online place to find values of crib hands,” then I saw your entry on the forums… the link is broken though. Will you be re-uploading it in the future?

    That would be awesome



  2. nick

    2007-12-27 at 20:37

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve been meaning to get some of my old content up again on the site. I’ve uploaded the CribCounter files again. You should be able to visit the forum topic for the link now.


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