A bit of a break…

Last week I finished off the last of my 8 exams this term. Yes, eight. So far, I’ve passed all of them, which is the most important, since that’s all I need to graduate and then continue on with my studies next year for my Masters.

So now, I get to relax for a bit and kick back and do just about nothing. Next week, I get to play with about $90,000 worth of computers, setting up a computing cluster for the research group I’ll be working with next year. You can see our news postings here, and even follow up on what I’ve been doing.

I’m also trying to find a good CMS. Something that will let me properly organize all of my blog postings, news clips, and other content on the site. Hell, if I can’t find one I like, I just might make one myself. 😉


  1. Better do a good job on that cluster! I’m gonna be running simulations on it >_>

  2. nick

    2007-05-07 at 12:34

    Yea yea… I’m working on it.

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