No… not for me, but for Lusankya. The original system came in some old dinky case, and it had only been cleaned out once before when I first saw it at my girlfriend’s parents’ place.

So I opened it all up and took everything apart. I removed the heatsink from the CPU, and took my trusty box of Q-tips and rubbing alcohol and removed the old thermal paste. God I hate it when they use crappy stuff and it sticks like glue. Anyways – after removing the thermal paste, I took the heatsink and washed it in the sink with the brush to get rid of the dust in between the fins. Yes… I know it sounds funny, but it’s a solid block of aluminium. As long as it’s dry when it goes back on the CPU, nothing can happen.

So… a dab of AS5, heatsink back on, but without the stock fan. That thing, as surprisingly quiet as it is, is still too loud. So I took my 80mm SilenX fan and put it blowing onto the heatsink. I’ve got an Antec 2650 case that I used for all the new parts, and I swapped out the 120mm fan that it had for a 120mm Antec TriCool.

Aside from all the standard installation procedures, the last part of it all was to suspend my hard drives. I took a picture of it last night, but I forgot my camera at home, so to get the idea, you’ll have to look here. Aside from silencing hard drive enclosures, it’s the ultimate is making those drives quieter – and believe me – there’s a point where your hard drives are the loudest part of your system.

That all being said – Lusankya has a new home. She’s running SETI@Home right now, and temperatures are the lowest I’ve seen of any desktop system. I’ve just gotta see how much power the system actually draws from the wall. It definately can’t be much…