I hate Apple Software…

The title says it all.

I bought an iPod a few months ago because I was getting sick and tired of carrying around my age old Panasonic CD player (not that there was anything wrong with it per se – it was a tank). I’ve got about 27GB of music on my computer right now, and it’s frustrating when you have to predict what music you’re going to want to listen to.

Anyways… the great thing about having the iPod is that there are so many different programs that allow you to sync with your iPod. I personally prefer Winamp, and with yesterday’s release of Winamp 5.3, the syncing and iPod browsing is faster than ever.

So… what’s the problem? The only way that I know of to update the firmware for my iPod is by using iTunes. iTunes7 has proven to be a big pain in the ass for so many users (the MSN sounds cause your music in iTunes to skip), and it’s been no better for me. iTunes6 picks up on the fact that I have an iPod without any troubles whatsoever… 7? It’s seen my iPod once, out of the 20-ish times that I’ve tried to make things work. Honestly… Apple – either stop forcing people to install your shitty software, or stop making shitty software.

As soon as I figure out how to update the firmware… iTunes is gone from my system. I feel so… ditry right now…

EDIT – Well- I finally figured out a way to make things work. I found the instructions here. Basically:

1. Make sure that you have these services running
[control-panel->Admin. Tools ->services]

Network DDE DSDM
Network DDE
Routing and Remote Access
Terminal Services

2. stop the iPodService [same location as (1)]
3. Connect your Ipod 5th gen
4. Start iTunes7.0 [automatically starts iPodService]
5. Update the new s/w in iPod.
this should not take more than 3 mins. after that, it will restart ur ipod. ur ipod s/w is updated as seen in itunes7.0.

You’re kidding me, right?


  1. the ipod updater software does this as well and shouldnt require you installing itunes =) its on apples site somewhere

  2. nick

    2006-10-04 at 02:58

    The iPod updater software has been removed from Apple’s site. The latest release of the iPod 5G firmware is only available through iTunes7, which is why I went through all the troubles… 🙁

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